Garage Cleaning & Organization Tips

October 27, 2021 Published by

Garage is an integral part of our home that serves as soft spot for storage of things. Unfortunately, consistent storage often adds to clutter built up. Cleaning a messy and cluttered garage space is a cumbersome task and requires proper planning and execution. In this blog, we’ll be sharing a few tips that can help you clean up your garage space and keep it organized and clutter free.

  1. Plan Your Time: Giving excuses is the general reason that we never get time to clean our garage. In our busy lives, garage cleaning and organization is an exciting way to spend your leisure time. Depending upon the state of your garage, plan and set aside your time. Once your timeline is final, stick to it. Complete dedication along with time is the key to garage cleaning and organization.
  2. Completely Vacate Your Entire Garage Space: In order to deep clean any area, you need to fully vacate the entire space in order to get a clean slate. It goes well with your garage too. It is one of the scariest yet a bold move to fully vacate the garage. Pay keen detail to every single item. Inspect each and every item in order to determine if you really want to keep that those items, or sell, donate, or throw away. It is advisable to keep a separate pile of similar types and keep it organized throughout the entire process of removing items. Hiring a junk hauler is an advisable and recommended option in case you have plenty of stuff to throw away or donate. This will save your time and will ease up your garage cleaning process. Moreover, with junk haulers onboard you need not worry about safe disposal of all the junk.
  3. Deep Cleaning: Garage is one of the most ignored, and under-rated areas when it comes to cleaning and organization. For beginners, garage serves as a space that is attached to the house and feels like an extension of the home area. It serves as a storage area of outdoor equipment, tools, cars, storage boxes from your last move, your least used clothes or other items, food for your pets, etc. All this can turn messy that you don’t feel like cleaning anymore. Deep cleaning of garage is necessary in order to keep your garage space clean and organized. Start with through sweeping of entire area. This will help you to sway away the dust particles spread over the entire floor area. Use a stick or tool to clear away the cobwebs from the walls and ceiling area. Next step is to pour some liquid detergent or dish soap over the floor and spray water over it using water hose. Now take a wide brim broom to scrub the garage floor. Take a wiper to wipe out the excess water. Give it some time to dry. At the end, you’ll get a clean garage area.
  4. Garage Organization: Once you have a clean garage, it’s time to put everything back. Invest in some storage shelves, cases and other organizational structures such as racks, etc. in order to maintain all the hard work. For unwanted junk, hire a junk removal company to haul away all the junk from your doorstep.

Hiring a professional junk removal company is an easy and recommended choice. Many full-service junk hauling companies offer a wide range of junk hauling service including garage/attic cleanup services. If you think that you could benefit from any one of the junk removal services that we offer in Dallas and around Texas, feel free to give us a call. We would love to hear from you. Contact us today to schedule your junk hauling services.