Office Cleanout Service: Your Key to Office Junk Removal

January 15, 2021 Published by

Is office relocation on your mind-business expansion, downsizing your business or an unfortunate business shutdown? Whether you are moving your office or are planning an upgrade for your office or office equipment, you’ll need office cleanout services to get rid of all your unwanted office equipment and furniture or e-waste that is no longer required. Old furniture, e-waste, etc. are the main items that clutter your office space call for a junk removal service like Dallas Junk Guys. Here are some helpful tips to facilitate your office cleanout.

First, identify what is still useful and what is not. If yes, it can either be donated, sold or sent to a second hand shop.

Look for some online and offline shops that buy old office items. For online sites, provide good quality pictures, write detailed description, mention any stains or damages, if any. If possible, provide a location where prospective buyers can come to pick it up at your workplace.

Donation of old furniture items can be made to local charitable organizations, local community theatres and, last but not the least, local college or high school drama departments. However, do check and call them before dropping of larger furniture items.

Implement the 3 R’s – Recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose: 3R’s form an important part of environmental   protection. Try to recycle discarded items so it can be reused in one form or other to fulfill a purpose.

Why Hire An Office Cleanout Service?

Here are some vital benefits of hiring an office cleanout and removal service:

  • Cost Efficient: Office cleanout cost can soar if you are following a DIY approach. Labor cost, disposal fee, truck rental, and unfortunate damage to good furniture or to a building, etc. add up to the overall cost of office cleanout.
  • Less Hazardous: Having untrained hands involved in an office cleanout can be a risk and result in workers’ compensation costs. The risk of injury is higher while moving furniture pieces. If you do the cleanout service on your own, you could be fully liable for any mishap to workers. It is advisable to hire trained manpower to handle your office cleanout.
  • Better Productivity: Environment plays an important role in enhancing the attitude, happiness and productivity of employees. Hiring office cleanout services for junk removal is a great way to start fresh without your non-usable old furniture and equipment.
  • No Stress: An office renovation or move can be stressful because it includes keeping up with so many things on your to-do list. Outsourcing the work to a reliable office cleanout service provider is a good way to reduce your stress and workload. With an experienced professional, you can be sure of quality results.
  • Dismantling Services: If needed, a professional office cleanout service provider can assist you in dismantling the office cubicles or prepare for optimal results for junk removal. Attention is paid to minute details to ensure an optimal result.

Planning to hire an office cleanout service? Give Dallas Junk Guys a call or book our services to get a hassle-free solution to all your junk hauling requirements. We have been serving FriscoNorth Dallas, PlanoAllen, and Richardson areas of the state of Texas. We would love the opportunity to serve you.