Office Relocation in Dallas? Here’s Your Quick Guide to Junk Furniture Removal

May 30, 2024 Published by

Changing your business location or closing up shop altogether? Many businesses are downsizing their office locations with the increasing popularity of remote working options, opting to reduce overhead and increase profits while providing employees with more attractive working options. Whatever the case may be for your business, an office relocation always exposes exactly how much stuff a business can accumulate. But you have better things to focus on, so let’s get down to business and help you get rid of the junk furniture you don’t want in your new space with professional junk furniture removal services.
Junk Furniture Removal

Step-By-Step Process for Furniture Removal

  • Assess and Inventory – Make a detailed list of all the furniture items you have on hand. This list will help you weed through what you want to keep, what can be sold (cha-ching), things to be donated (keep those receipts for tax season!), and what needs to be thrown away.
  • Evaluate – The resale value of used items is usually a fraction of what you likely paid for it when it was new. Give each piece a once-over to assess the condition and determine which category it falls into (sell, donate, recycle, trash).
  • Sell – If it’s still in good condition, many things can be listed on local marketplaces and sold to help recoup some of the costs associated with the move. Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Next Door, 5 Mile, and other local marketplace apps are a great way to get them listed and sold. LinkedIn is a great option if you have industry-specific items that other businesses may need. Take clear pictures in good lighting and write detailed descriptions to help get them sold quickly.
  • Donate – There are many non-profit organizations in Dallas that are happy to pick up your gently used furniture for free. Schools have tight budgets and may be interested in your donation as well, depending on the piece and its use. Donations are a great way to clear out your space while also picking up a tax deduction at the end of the year.
  • Recycling – You will undoubtedly have some things that can’t be sold and aren’t in good enough condition to be used again. But before you set it out on the curb, it may still serve a purpose if it can be recycled and used to create something new.
  • Planning for Pickup and Removal – Once you’ve decided what to do with each item, its time to work out the logistics. Schedule times for buyers, charities, and recycling pick-ups and drop-offs.

Time is Money and Efficiency is King

  • Schedule Early – Start this process well before you have to vacate your old office location, or you may be left with a mess to deal with at the last minute.
  • Keep Records – Keep track of what was sold and what was donated for your financial and inventory records. You don’t want to miss out on a tax break because the receipts were lost in the move or end up with books that don’t balance because something was sold and not recorded. This will also help you to keep track of the business assets for your register.
  • Call in the Professionals – Save the most time by outsourcing the removal. Professional junk removal services will haul off the things you don’t want and take care of their proper disposal. Whether that means donating, recycling, and sending it to the dump, the only thing you have to coordinate is a time and a price. The rest (including post-removal clean-up) is out of your hair so you can focus on getting the business transition executed.

Focus on the matter at-hand and let Dallas Junk Guys handle the rest. Call us for a free quote today so you can get back to business.