Thanksgiving Day: Do’s and Don’ts

November 18, 2021 Published by

Thanksgiving is around the corner and with the return of the holiday season, parties have become a frequent occasion for many. Here are some do’s and don’ts for hosting a holiday dinner.


  • Plan Ahead of Time: Starting your preparations early allows you to avoid last-minute hustle-bustle. Get your gas tanks filled, shop all your cooking and cleaning supplies to get a clean home before Thursday morning i.e., 24th November 2021. Reduce your stress by starting early.
  • Follow Pandemic Guidelines: Celebrating any occasion enhances the liveliness of that occasion. However, the safety of self and guests should not be compromised. Make sure that all your guests are aware of the generic house rules related to face masks, social distancing.
  • Stay outside: If the weather is nice and want to experience the movie-like feel, it’s advisable to arrange a dinner on the back patio or roof of your building. Engage is a long chat with family and friends on the fire escape. Plan a small game on the rooftop area. Play fetch with the dogs.
  • Keep a Check on Food Requirements: Be a good host and try to find out if your guests have allergies to some food items, etc. Directly ask your guests if they need something extra that must be taken care of by the host. Understanding the specific needs of guests will make your Thanksgiving experience a cherishing experience.
  • Timing: Last but not the least, it’s obvious but make sure that your guests know when to arrive.


  • Brawl: Don’t engage in any sort of brawl with other guests/hots. There are different methods to do a single job and every person possesses a different skill set. Look out for ways to find solutions instead of being stuck over some argument/fisticuffs.
  • Stay Away From Jokes: Don’t try to swoon over guests by cracking silly jokes. Don’t push it too high. The real happiness of people lies in enjoying each other’s company.
  • Ignore the Weather: It is snowing, raining, sleeting outside, it is better to stay inside. A wet dinner and that too on Thanksgiving Day is not a good idea. In case of an outside dinner plan, it is advisable to be ready with a backup plan in case the weather isn’t good.
  • Stop Fighting Over Food: Stop fighting over petty issues such as food, spillovers, etc. Don’t throw away food in a fit of rage or any other reason.
  • Departure Time: Be a good and polite guest and let the host decide when it’s time for everyone to go home.

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