Top 3 Ways To Get Rid of E-Waste

February 18, 2021 Published by

Improper E-waste disposal is harmful for the environment. Municipal trash collectors will often not pickup electronic waste, such as batteries, computers, TVs, and accessories due to environmental restrictions. Some discarded electronics, when not disposed of properly, can leak toxic chemicals into ground and pollute ground water sources. That makes proper disposal of e-waste necessary but challenging. Here, we’ll discuss about some methods to properly get rid of e-waste in the Dallas area or online.

How To Get Rid of E-Waste?

    1. Sell or Donate: Some local stores offer trade-ins, such as BestBuy and Staples. There are several Facebook and other social media groups online such as Amazon Trade-In, Apple Trade-In, ItsWorthMore, BuyBackWorld etc. where you can opt for in-store delivery or requesting pickup via email. And there are many online options for selling used electronic items, including eBay, Etsy, Nextdoor, Offerup and others. However be sure to return items to factory settings before handing it over to the next owner, so no personal information is passed over. If your items are in working condition, you can also donate it to the needy ones around you or donation centers available nearby that can donate to various charitable organization. Just search “donate my computer dallas” for available local charities.
    2. Recycling: Try to look for e-waste recycling centers around you. Some charge for the service, some don’t. You can carry the stuff youself to get it recycled for free or for some nominal fee. The city of Dallas offers free electronic recycling on through the Sanitation Department. Items listed include: Items listed include:

• Computer Monitors
• Console Televisions
• Flat Screen Televisions
• Computers
• CRT Television Sets
• Laptops
• Flat Screen Monitors
• Printers
• Office Phones
• Projection Televisions
• Keyboards
• Mice
• Camcorders
• VCR Players
• Electronic Toys
• Copiers
• Kitchen Electronic
• Scanners
• Docking Stations
• Computer Fans
• Speakers
• Microwaves
• Remote Controls
• DVD Players
• Radios
• Stereos
• DVR’s
• Faxes
• Cameras
• GPS Navigation
• Receivers
• Walkie-Talkies
• CD Players
• Games Consoles
• Cable Boxes
• Cell Phones
• Digital Converters
• Satellite Receivers
• Tablets
• Small Servers
• MP3’s
• Pagers
• Routers
• Calculators

You can also wait for the community e-recycle day in your area. Generally these services are free for general items but may charge a nominal fee for large size items such as large screen TVs and computer monitors.

The recycling process starts with components that are sent through two shredding processes. After separation, recyclers sort out heavy metals and other metallic components, glass, plastic etc. Sorted materials are further resold to manufacturers for new production. Or they will resell the items in working condition, such as the Salvation Army stores.

  1. Haul It Off: Junk hauling is one of the most safe, easiest and convenient way to get rid of e-waste. Hire a trusted, professional and reputed Junk removal company whom you can rely upon for recycling and donation of unwanted electronic waste and other thrash items. These companies ensure that all your unwanted items are sorted and disposed off properly as per the standard guidelines.

These are some of the efficient ways for proper disposal of electronic waste around you. Avoid throwing e-waste out with your normal thrash. As a responsible citizens, we should aim for a sustainable environment for all of us. Technology is changing at a fast pace and new versions of electronic items are being launched continually. Many want to keep up with technology and don’t give it a second thought when it comes to upgrading to a newer version. We all should try to use our electronics, such as cellphones, laptops, tablet, TVs, computers and other electronics as long as we can, in order to minimize the accumulation of e-waste. Every initiative counts.

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