Top 4 Strategies for Office Furniture Junk Removal

February 24, 2021 Published by

Whether you’re in the process of expanding your office, downsizing, relocating, shutting down your business, or upgrading your office furniture, chances are you have office furniture that needs to be removed. Disposing of unwanted office furniture can be approached in various ways, but certain methods might incur higher costs, consume more time, or simply be impractical. If you find yourself in need of efficient office furniture junk removal, we’ve got you covered.

How to Dispose Of Office Furniture Junk and Old Office Furniture

There are the following ways to dispose of office furniture:

  1. Sell Your Old Office Furniture: Recently, a large number of small business start-ups have sprouted up, and home offices have also increased post pandemic, due to these factors demand for used or refurbished office furniture is also increasing. According to extimates by tech research firms, the market for recycled or refurbished office furniture will be $ 2.7 – $3.5 billion in 2021. If you haven’t tried it, selling office furniture can be tough. But if you prefer, there are virtual as well as physical options are available for you. You’ll need to market the sale, and list each item you intend to sell. However, finding a prospective buyer may take time. If your office space is on lease that is about to expire, you may need to expedite you plans to avoid a crunch at the end of your lease. Besides selling, you should consider other furniture disposal options, too.
  2. Donate: If you have a big heart and want to donate your old office furniture, look for donation centers near you. Choices may include churches, orphanages, drama & theatre, etc. The down side is that you may have to shell out transportation cost involved in moving and relocating furniture items.
  3. Recycle: Recycling or refurbishing is the sustainable method for any old or unwanted furniture. There are good recycling options available in the city of Dallas. Check the list and locations at You need to find a recycling center nearby and possibly get some of your old furniture refurbished for some nominal amount. Moreover, you can also use the refurbished furniture in your new office, as most do.
  4. Haul It Away: Furniture disposal may not be as easy as it seems. There are many professional junk removal companies in Dallas that deal in office junk removal. These companies haul away the junk, sort it and accordingly dispose off the waste furniture. Usable furniture items are sent to recycling centers. On an average, over 9 million tons of office furniture is dumped into landfills in the United States every year. Landfills pose a serious threat to groundwater, the local environment, and other hazards for decades. All of us need to minimize junk production and help the environment as much as we can.

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