Top 5 Things To Do Before A New Tenant Moves In?

July 25, 2021 Published by

Do you own a rental property and are looking for a new tenant to move into your property? Having a rental property has its own set of pros and cons. The major tasks associated with rental property is removing junk left out by previous tenants, making basic repairs, and renovating to make space fit for the new tenant to move in. The best thing to do with tenants is to offer them a clean, tidy, and organized surface to live in. Here are the top five things that you can do before a new tenant moves in.

  1. Declutter Or Cover Up All Your Stuff: You wouldn’t want your prospective tenant to feel disappointed with the condition of your living space. It is advisable to get rid of your old stuff before a new prospective tenant comes to see the property. However, if it is not possible, make sure that all stuff is properly covered with sheets. This will help them to understand   that furniture will be out of the way when they move in.
  2. Remove Any Personal Belongings: In case your previous tenant has moved out quickly or had to be evicted, chances are that they might have left some personal items behind. It is advisable to get some moving boxes and put the stuff in those boxes and label them “owner” so that the former tenant can come and retrieve them later on.
  3. Cleaning of Windows, Vents & Ducts: Thorough cleaning of windows, vents and ducts is a great way to introduce your new tenants to open and fresh space. Make use of a DIY combination of vinegar and water to clean the entire window area. The cleaning of vents and ducts is necessary to maintain good air hygiene.
  4. Vacuum & Cleaning of All Surfaces: A clean and tidy home appeals to every tenant. Make sure to clean the carpets and vacuum out the entire area thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt. Cleaning the entire floor, the walls and other areas is a great way to welcome your new tenant to a clean and fresh place.
  5. Dispose of Old Food: Carry out a thorough inspection of the fridge, pantry, and kitchen area to find any leftover food items. Leftover food items should be disposed of quickly before they become a breeding ground of bacteria, and other micro-organisms that can cause infection, allergies, etc.

Incorporating these tasks in your rental cleanup schedule will give your rental space a fresh, inviting look. A clean, organized, and the well-maintained place has a higher chance of occupancy than a dirty rental unit. Do you need rental cleanout services from experts? If so, contact Dallas Junk Guys. Dallas Junk Guys is a Dallas-based locally owned, trusted and reliable for efficient junk removal and junk disposal in Dallas, TX . We have been serving FriscoNorth DallasPlanoAllen, and Richardson areas of the state of Texas. Contact us today to take advantage of our introductory discounts for various junk hauling services.