Top Five Garage Cleaning & Organizing Tips

June 27, 2021 Published by

The garage is a great storage area of any house. This makes it easy for clutter to pile up and take over. Here are a few tips using which you can keep your garage neat and organized.

  1. Make a Schedule: Set aside some time to clean your garage. Life gets busy, and making time to clean & organize a garage isn’t an exciting way to spend your downtime. Based upon your time available and the state of your garage, make a schedule and make a firm resolution to clean and organize.
  2. Empty Up Your Garage: The toughest part is to empty out your garage. In order to deep clean your garage, the first thing that you need to do is to fully vacate the whole space which can be time-consuming. While you are removing the items, look at each thing and decide what stuff you want to keep, sell, donate, recycle, or refurbish. Pile up these items and keep these piles separated and organized. Once the whole garage is fully vacant, you’ll get a better idea of where all those piles need to be placed. Hiring a junk hauler will give you peace of mind and freedom from hauling away all those items that is no longer needed.
  3. Deep Cleaning: The garage is one of the most neglected areas of the home when it comes to deep cleaning for a couple of different reasons. Once the space is fully vacant, get ready to sweep out the entire garage and sweep out the dirt as much as you can. The next step is to pour laundry detergent on the floor. Make use of a high-intensity water hose to spray it down. It’s time to scrub the entire floor using a wide broom. Leave it for some time to dry and ultimately, you’ll get a really nice and clean space. Don’t forget to clear off the cobwebs and dust accumulated over the walls of the garage.
  4. Garage Organization: Once you get an entirely clean space, it’s time to organize your garage by putting back in. If you want to preserve all your hard work, invest in some racks or boxes to properly organize all the stuff.
  5. Hiring A Professional Junk Hauler: If you think, garage cleaning is too time consuming, call for a professional junk hauler. Professional junk haulers are experienced and are well aware of federal laws concerning safe disposal of all types of wastes.

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