Used Tires at Home? Your Options For Junk Removal

December 27, 2021 Published by

Have old, unused tires at home? Getting rid of old, unused tires is a cumbersome task as most trash collectors often refuse to pick them up along with other garbage. Here are some upcycling or recycling ideas that you can try out with old and used tires.

  • Make Rubber Mulch: Turning old tires into rubber mulch is one of the trendiest methods to reuse tires. Start the process by removing any metal hooks or insertions from the tires. Then thoroughly clean the tires using a spray water gun. Rent an industrial-strength shredder to make rubber mulch. Rubber mulch is a great environment friendly alternative to wood mulch. Rubber mulch can also serve as a soft ground cover for swings, open gyms and play areas.
  • Use as Landscaping Protection: Cut old tires into two parts and place each part on the boundary area or around newly planted or struggling plants to ensure that these are not damaged by action of a lawnmower.
  • Create a Tire Swing: It is as simple as it sounds, just attach one end of a rope to a tire and other end to a tree and make sure that end is properly secured. Revive old your childhood memories with this fun activity.
  • Elevate a Plant Bed: Fill tire with soil and plant favorite flower or vegetable of your choice. Two or more tires can be stacked together to make an elevated plant bed. Potatoes are quite popular vegetable to be planted in a stack o tire as they retain heat and encourage faster growth. You can also paint the exterior areas of tires to give them a new look to your yard area.
  • Make an Outdoor Table: Paint the tires as per your choice, stack and stick them together using a high duty superglue generally used in industries. Place your desired table-top on top of tires. Flaunt your DIY table in your next garden party or family BBQ and cherish it proudly in your garden.
  • Build A Cozy Bed for Your Pet: Every pet loves its own space where he/she can snuggle, play and relax peacefully. As a pet owner, look out for some DIY videos available over the web and turn your old unused tires into a cosy bed for your pet. Put a blanket and pillow for comfort of your pet. However, avoid it placing in front of an open fire or in contact with touching radiators as they can melt away the rubber and prove hazardous.
  • Call Dallas Junk Haulers: If recycling the tires proves to be too much but you still wish to dispose off old tires, contact Dallas Junk Guys, our team of professional junk haulers in Dallas will haul away all of the junk. We will either transfer the tires to nearby recycle centre or a landfill site.

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