What to do with Used and Unwanted Office Furniture

September 28, 2022 Published by

Office renovations are exciting! Clearing out old furniture and bringing in new pieces for a move, remodel, or renovation supercharges the work environment. Many offices decide to discard used furniture and equipment. We have curated a few alternate options to help you reduce your environmental impact and do some good.

  1. Give Employees First Dibs: Many businesses have seen the benefit of reducing overhead by allowing employees to work from home. Remote employees that live in the vicinity of the office may need furniture for their home offices. Offer an employee incentive by providing a discount before listing it on public marketplaces.
  2. Sell Your Used Furniture: Post-pandemic, the number of small business start-ups and home offices surged. There is a huge demand for used and refurbished office furniture.  Online marketplaces, local apps, websites, and traditional estate sales are all great options for listing and selling leftover office furniture and equipment.
  3. Donate Your Unwanted Office Furniture: Furniture that wasn’t bought by employees or sold after it was listed can be donated to non-profit organizations. The benefit of donating gently used office furniture is two-fold. The company gets a tax write-off while supporting non-profits focused on doing good and helping those less fortunate.
  4. Haul Away the Rest:Inevitably, some office furniture and equipment will be broken or too worn to be sold or donated. Call trusted and reliable junk haulers for things such as electronic waste, furniture, carpet, rugs, etc. Professional junk haulers follow ethical disposal and recycling practices that reduce the impact on the environment. Ensure you are doing your part by hiring a reputable company to take care of the details for you.

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