Why Hire Junk Haulers for Storage Unit Cleanout Service?

September 26, 2021 Published by

Storage units are supposed to serve as a temporary storage solution. However old tenants sometimes leave their junk behind. Before the storage unit can be used by another tenant, junk disposal is necessary. Junk disposal can be a tedious job. After junk disposal, is a thorough cleaning of the storage unit to make it ready for a new tenant. In this blog, we’ll discuss why to hire junk hauling company for storage cleanouts.

1. Your Safety Is Foremost: Storage unit cleanout is a labor-intensive job. It can involve heavy lifting of bulky items, disassembly, handling hazardous items or substances, and moving loads of junk and trash a disposal site. In short, it requires training and equipment to handle the job. Professional junk haulers are experienced and well equipped to manage the entire hauling process. Unless you are used to it, lifting of heavy items can lead to muscle tear, cuts, bruises, back strain etc. which may jeopardize your health and could cost you weeks to overcome injury. Look for an experienced, reliable, licensed junk hauling company. Moving and lifting heavy items safely requires skill that comes with training and experience. From commercial junk to residential junk, junk haulers can handle it all efficiently.

2. A One Stop Solution: Any full-service junk hauling company will handle the entire job i.e. labor, sorting, lugging, hauling, etc. Transportation service from storage unit to nearby donation center, recycling facility, or dumpsite is also included, most often in a single trip. Professional junk haulers can manage it all. Storage unit cleanout includes taking inventory and sorting through all the junk items. It can be a time-consuming job. Hiring an expert junk removal service offers convenience, and peace of mind. And it’s time you can better invest doing something else. Junk disposal can a cumbersome process and including identification of things that can be recycled or that need to be transferred to a dumpsite or special disposal area for things like paint and chemicals. It is important that disposal of certain junk is in line with local Federal Laws. Junk haulers are experienced and have required permits and the knowledge of processes and procedures.

3. Cost Savvy: Are you aware of the hidden cost involved in storage cleanout and junk disposal? When you are handling storage cleanout and junk disposal of your own, you’ll need to hire hauling equipment, pickup trucks for transportation to nearby landfill, invest in obtaining permits, etc. That means you will have to shell out a lot of money and your DIY storage unit cleanout will turn into an expensive affair. Moreover, don’t ignore the time factor. Any novice will take much longer to accomplish the job than a professional.

A professional junk hauling company has the right manpower who are skilled, experienced and have the right equipment to handle such jobs. Overall, it is a win-win situation to take of professional junk haulers. Get ready to experience the best services at affordable prices with professional help on onboard.

 4. Reward Points: Recycling & Donation: Many of the items stored in a storage unit are either reusable or recyclable. Transferring junk to landfill or dumpsite is not our motto. We believe in donating anything of value to nearby local charities, non-profit institutions, other donation centers. Whatever can’t be recycled is donated. We believe in serving the community and try to take steps to find every unusable item a home. Our mission is to follow a sustainable approach.

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